The Hill Family

The Hill Family Tree

    This is the story of our family from about 1650 in Rhode Island to present. With great thanks to as one source of information, it helped verify good information that I received from many relatives. Most important is Gary C. Hill who was the first to send me a list of relatives back in time to Jonathan in Rhode Island around 1657. From that list I began to search the internet for more information. The only accurate source of information that links to vital information is the Ancestry web site. Due to the extensive research that has already been done by the site creators they can suggest possible family member links from existing data bases. During my search I found it difficult to make a connection with Jonathan on Prudence Island and someone making the trip from England. I still do not know who in the family really was the first to travel to the new world.

This is mainly about me from the earliest ancestor to now but along the way I'll be including all the relatives I find and put their names up for all to see. I will include anyone who can identify a position on the tree and supply useful information for record keeping.

If you find an error in my listings it was not done on purpose but by mistake and I'm willing to change based on the information you supply. Please send me an email or call me with the correction.

From this point in the story we can verify most if not all of the records showing people and places. Before this point all is subject to change depending on what we find for Jonathan's parents and where he was actually born. Speculation is that he was the first to come to America and settle first in Prudence Island, Rhode Island. We have no way to prove or disprove this yet so help with any information you have to support our theory.

To view what I believe is our family "Coat of Arms" click here

Earliest Ancestors from about 1650 to present

Caleb Hill 1770-1814

Calvin Hill 1795-1831

Dyer Hill 1818-1906

Wilbur F. Hill 1843-1919

Clyde E. Hill 1886-1933                               Edward W. Hill 1881-1965

Howard C. Hill 1918-1980                           Edward A. Hill 1901-1969

Gary H. Hill 1949-                                        Gary C. Hill 1945-

Zachary G. Hill 1982-2009                            Michael G. Hill 1973-